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No more strategy scramble 

End-to-end strategic presentation development for busy leaders when the stakes are high.

You’re on the hook for a big update to senior audiences, even the board. While the normal scramble to “Frankenstein’ a deck may have worked to this point, you have an opportunity to really set a bolder agenda - but how? ‘Storytelling’ is one of the most heralded skills for business leaders – but rarely (if ever) is it taught HOW to use it in business communications.

That’s ok. I do it for you and you learn as we go.. My clients' presentations are built around storytelling frameworks and designed to ‘cut through the noise’ of typical business updates to drive meaningful dialogue and real change.

How? I get up to speed on your challenges, fast. I then help you hone your ideas and strategies and articulate them in a way that is compelling to your stakeholders, while connecting to a larger purpose - allowing you to focus your energy on delivering your message.

Helping leaders connect more through strategic communications at:

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Meredith is a true professional! She was able to take my thoughts from several documents and put together a flow that allowed me to complete a project that I had been struggling with.

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